Technically a tube is used to transport fluids or gases. However, pipe and tube are often used interchangeably in steel lexicon, with a given label applied primarily as a matter of historical use. Pipes are normally available like ERW, Galvanized and Seamless

ERW and Galvanised pipes are used for erection, drainage, water supply, structural and mechanical uses, pilings, handling of coal and other solids in pulverised and powdery conditions. Seamless and Alloy pipes, mainly used in high temperature service, e.g. design of boilers, super heaters and heat exchangers are supplied in mainly low, medium or high alloy grades according to ASTM; BE or DIN Specification.


Sharoff Group deals in a wide range of special quality steel which we regularly stock in our warehouse. We stock nearing 500MT of special quality steel which includes SAILHARD, SAILMA, CORTEN, BOILER QUALITY, C45.