Steel sheet that has been wound. A slab, once rolled in a hot-strip mill, is more than one-quarter mile long; coils are the most efficient way to store and transport sheet steel. A rolling mill of several stands of rolls that converts slabs into hot-rolled coils. The hot-strip mill squeezes slabs, which can range in thickness from 2-10 inches, depending on the type of continuous caster, between horizontal rolls with a progressively smaller space between them (while vertical rolls govern the width) to produce a coil of flat-rolled steel about a quarter-inch in thickness and a quarter mile in length. The coils may be of different types like

Hot Rolled Coils (HR Coils)
Cold Rolled Coils (CR Coils)
Galvanized Coils (GP/GC Coils)
Stainless Steel Coils

Hot Rolled Coils
Cold Rolled Coils
Galvanised Plain Sheets and Coils Galvanised Corrugated Sheets

Galvanised steel sheets/ coils are Zinc coated Cold Rolled sheets/ coils as per IS 513/ 1994 (O and D grades) as per customers’ requirements

Sharoff Group deals in a wide range of special quality steel which we regularly stock in our warehouse. We stock nearing 500MT of special quality steel which includes SAILHARD, SAILMA, CORTEN, BOILER QUALITY, C45.